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Keep you and your family healthy by making sure your air vents are clean. Any build up in your air vents can cause allergies to flare up. Air duct carry air back and forth from cooling systems, ventilation, and heating. The quality and efficiency of these HVAC systems are dependent on their proper regular maintenance and operation. When you don’t maintain your HVAC systems it can lead to contamination inside your indoor air flow. Our mission at Texas City Carpet Cleaning TX, is to provide full service cleaning for your residential and business air ducts.

By maintaining your AC vents, we have found that it can provide many solutions to your air and health and reduce any increased headaches, respiratory sensitivity or other unexpected health concerns, visible signs of animal droppings (from pets), mold, visible dust, dirt and or grime build up, especially an unusual odor from you HVAC vents. Our cleaning techs only use state of the art air duct cleaning tools and equipment, some of which are vacuum cleaners, foggers, and other high grade equipment. We have the best special non-toxic cleaning solutions, and anti-fungal treatments when needed.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Before our trained and professional techs begin the process, they visually inspect and remove all surface dust and dirt from the interior and exterior sections of the HVAC system. After we are finished cleaning, you will notice that you can breathe much easier again. Our cleaning techs are here for all of your cleaning needs including home, office, and any businesses. You will notice our extreme level of dedication and commitment to completing every task insuring your satisfaction while always making sure to follow every duct cleaning standard and providing you with most affordable cleaning rates.

Install Uv Light in Duct AFFORDABLE UV LIGHT

Many years now, scientists have known that one of the most powerful and effective air purifier is the natural sunlight. Not the light we are able see, but the invisible, ultraviolet rays that make up part of the sun’s light. The sun’s UV rays act as a natural outdoor air purification system, preventing the growth of any bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and dust mites. However, this natural process does not occur well enough indoors as well as it does outdoors direct sunlight. With our extreme building of construction more and more these recent years, the quality of indoor air has majorly decreased.

Our UV pro air purifying system at Texas City Carpet Cleaning TX is made in order to directly tackle the issues associated with weak indoor air quality. Ultraviolet radiation or UV, acts as like the natural outdoor purification system of the sun by killing the disease-causing germs, biological growth, bacteria, and viruses living and increasing in your indoor air. UV light keeps the air system clean and kills germs in the air as they are passing by resulting in healthier air throughout your home or office. In combination with a quality filter, it is the most effective way to reduce airborne contaminants, system maintenance, save energy, and the health risks they come with. Let our trained professionals install our UV pro light to purify your indoor air quality today.

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