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At Texas City Carpet Cleaning TX, we’ll clean your dry vents and dry chassis to prevent the possibility of a dangerous dryer fire and other dryer issues. Over time, your dryer vents fill up with lint sneaking up from your dryer’s filter which makes your dryer work harder to dry your clothes. Less airflow, lint build up and moisture cause overheating which prevents faster drying. When this happens, the temperature limit safety switches on and off over and over again and will fail over a period of time, increasing the risk of a dangerous dryer fire. Give us a call and let us save you money on wasted electricity and clean your dryer vent so that you can finish your laundry much faster and more efficient.

If you notice any symptoms of a clogged dryer vent by included moisture in your laundry room and clothes taking longer than 45 minutes to dry, then you need a dry vent cleaning as soon as possible. Did you know that your clothing dryer vent also leave lint onto the AC’s outdoor condenser coils? The system reduces its ability to let out heat and runs longer and longer and longer. Yes, now we’re not only talking about your dryer but now you’re AC is involved. So, not only does wasting electricity waste your money, but dirty or clogged coils can mean a complete shutdown of your AC system possibly leading to needing an expensive replacement. Let our professional techs at Texas City Carpet Cleaning TX save thousands of dollars on possibly damaging your AC and money every month on your dryer bills by keeping your dryer vent system free of lint.

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Are your dryers no longer working like they should be? You may be noticing that your systems are not performing like they did when you first bought them. This is a problem that every person with appliances faces. If you are struggling with this, call Sugarland Carpet Cleaning. Removing dryer lint is no problem for our professional cleaners.

It is important to remember to clean dryer vents periodically. Doing this can cause your appliance to dry your clothes better and faster. A byproduct of this will be a lower energy bill, which will save you for months to come. If you need this done in your home, call and ask us about removing dryer lint. Our professionals were trained in the heart of Texas and bear its flag proudly.

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